Top 3 Superbike Tyres 2019

1. Bridgestone Battlax BT-016

The KING of superbike tyres!

Sizes: Front – 130/70, 110.70, 120/60, 120/70 Rear – 150/60, 160/60, 170/60, 180/55, 190/50, 190/55, 160/60

These corners will progressively replace the BT-014 over time and for the first time on a road tyre has a quad-compound rear. The front has triple compound like many modern sports tyres, but the rear has a hard middle section, a softer shoulder part and right to the edge is super-sticky stuff.


Average front mileage: 4617

Average rear mileage: 2558

Grip: 87.7%

Value: 2.6%

Last well: 2.1%

Wet: 7.6%

  • 2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso

Sizes: Front – 120/70 Rear – 190/55, 180/55, 190/55

A sports-oriented tyre from Pirelli, with the emphasis on supersport riding. Claimed to improve cornering ability in the wet and improve traction in the dry. The Diablo Rosso is one of the latest Pirelli’s to become available, and features their most recent track and fast road technology.


Average front mileage: 4708

Average rear mileage: 3875

Grip: 96.2%

Wet grip: 3.8%

Dunlop Sportmaxx Qualifier RR

Size: Front – 120/70, 120/60 Rear – 160/60, 180/55, 190/50, 190/55

The Qualifier RR is made up of a harder compound in the middle for better tread life and super-sticky rubber on the sides of the tyres for grip improvement at all lean angles. Lightweight casings and sport profiles improve turn-in speed and direction change and the GP-derived groove design is to optimise tread stiffness.


Average front mileage: 3964

Average rear mileage: 2982

Grip: 84.7%

Value: 6.1%

Last well: 1.5%

Wet grip: 7.7%



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