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Welcome to Fast Tyres Direct, we specialise in the supply of motorcycle tyres and car tyres throughout the UK.

We offer a next day delivery service and have satisfied thousands of customers. Due to our great prices we can save you up to 40% on high street tyre outlets.

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We stock superbike tyres and performance car tyres for our customers who live life in the fast lane, as well as offering a huge range of budget motorcycle tyres and car tyres.

As one of the UK’s leading online retailers, Fast Tyres Direct will ensure we bring you top quality tyres at the best prices.

Motorcycle Tyres

Fast Tyres Direct are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of motorcycle tyres, We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best deals on motorcycle tyres! Just browse through our quality brand names to see more of our motorcycle tyres.

We have a huge selection of performance tyres and cheap tyres available to purchase on our online tyre shop, and we stock thousands of tyres with discounts of up to a 40% of those that are on the high street. Fast Tyres Direct is the best place for motorcycle Tyres

www.fasttyres.co.uk – Bringing you the UK’s best range of cheap motorcycle tyres and performance motorcycle tyres.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Motorcycle Tyres

Did you realise that on the off chance that you don’t normally check your bicycles’ tyres and pneumatic force you can bargain your bicycle’s execution and put your own life at genuine hazard as well?

We addressed Bridgestone Tyres’ T.J.Tennent, to get some reasonable exhortation from a man who has the amazing title of “Designing Manager, Firestone Consumer Products, Government Products, Bridgestone Motorcycle and Karting Products.” A devoted long-term cruiser rider, Tennent in his extra time is likewise a teacher for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and is Chairman of the Tyre and Rim Association, Motorcycle Sub-Committee, which chooses details for bicycle wheels, tyres and cylinders that are sold here in the UK..

Tyre Dos

Before you ride your bicycle you should look at your whole cruiser over each and every time. “That doesn’t generally occur in reality,” said Tennent. “However, it should. It’s somewhat similar to being an air pilot completing a pre-flight review. You ought to look at your bicycle from front to end and give careful consideration to your tires. With a cruiser you just have two wheels on the ground and you should set aside opportunity to assess your tires as regularly as possible.” Regardless of whether you are a long-lasting experienced rider, Tennent suggests some essential things you ought to do to guard you and your bicycle out and about. And don’t forget that whatever you do, you should compare the prices first as there are many rip-offs – the local garage is a con! Why not check online first, at sites like Comparetyres here.

“We also recommend that you read your owner’s manual that came with your bike to see what the recommended tire pressures should be,” said Tennent. “But if you don’t have a manual you can sometimes find it marked on the sticker on a bike’s swing arm. Failing that, call the manufacture and get the correct figures. “Some people like to ride their bikes with reduced psi (pounds per square inch) as it offers a softer ride. But don’t do that. The load bearing capacity of a motorcycle is not in the actual tyres but the air inside them. In effect you are compromising your tires, the way your bike handles and possibly your safety.

“The best way to achieve the ride you want is to adjust the suspension. Not all bikes have a sophisticated suspension systems but most will allow you to make some adjustments. It’s a much better and safer option than playing around with your tire pressures.”

Tennent also advises that a rider should run their tire pressures between one and two psi above the manufacturer’s recommendation. That way you take into account any changes in weather (heat and cold can affect pressures). But also if you are only going to do the bare minimum and check them just once a month, it will compensate for that too, as on average tires will lose one psi every four weeks under normal riding conditions.

Right off the bat, purchase an electronic tyre weight measure from any great car store like Halfords. They are not costly and begin from as meager as around £10. A simple check is great as well, however the electronic ones are somewhat more exact and less demanding to utilise.

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